Burroughs Nixie Tube Decade Counter Assembly Multidigit B5750 PC Card Assy

The OddMix Burroughs electronic counter cards and equipments collection are mostly quality, unused vintage Nixie, Beam-X Binary or Decade Counter Vacuum Tubes, High voltage power supplies, Multidigit B5750 Nixie Tube Assemblies with Decoder Driver, with or without memories and BCD or decade counters and other odd items for sale. All of these listed items are good working units unless otherwise indicated. Many of these instruments are still world class and better then what is available today.

 Burroughs Nixie Beam-X Tube Collection  DC-DC Converter 12 to 200 VDC Burroughs VC-12-170-1 Nixie Tube Power Supply
 Burroughs C-2502-5 Five B5750S PCB Assembly Decoder Driver 5V TTL Logic  Burroughs C-2502-5 Five B5750S PCB Assembly Decoder Driver 5V TTL Logic
 Burroughs C-2503-3 Three Digit Kit B5750S Nixie Tube Counter  Burroughs C-2506-3B Three Digit Kit Nixie Assy Counter Memory Decoder Bezel TTL
 Burroughs C-2506-4 Four Digit PCB Nixie Counter Memory Decoder Assy TTL logic  Burroughs C-2506-6 Six Digit PCB Nixie Assy Counter Memory Decoder TTL logic
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Items listed are one of a kind, vintage, collector's choice items
First come first served, as supply is extremely limited
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