Pulse Counter Burroughs C-2502-5 Five Digit B5750S Nixie Tube Decoder Driver IC

This is an unused, factory fresh, genuine Burroughs C-2502-5 five digit B5750S Nixie tube type decoder driver circuit card assembly PCB. It uses standard TTL (Transistor Transistor Logic) BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) input logic signal. The high quality, fully loaded, factory built PC card comes with gold plated 30 pin edge connector. The unit requires 5 Volt DC (Direct Current) and 200 Volt DC for its operation. It was made by the now defunct Burroughs Corporation's Electronic Components Division (ECD Plainfield NJ) around 1968-1970. Many equipments from the seventies, DVMs, Frequency Counters and others, used these standard Nixie tube assemblies to display their readout. Excellent as a replacement, or for new projects. It can be used especially well for making a frequency counter or a simple DVM with a high quality fully assembled digital display. This is a real hard to find vintage collector's choice item. Only one available.
Pulse Counter Five Digit B5750S Nixie Tube Assembly Decoder Driver Burroughs C-2502-5 [8 KB]

C-2502-5 Five Digit Decoder Driver Nixie Assy
MFG: Burroughs Corporation EC Division
3 Socketed B-5750S Nixie Tubes - included
Input Signal: TTL BCD (Binary Coded Decimal)
Connector: SR115, 30 Pin, Gold Plated - included
Power Supply Input VCCH: 200 VDC @ 20 mAmax
Power Supply Input VCCL: 5.0 VDC @ 100 mAmax
Data sheet with schematic - included
Size: 3.24 W x 3.91 D x 1.90 H [inches]
Weight: 70 [gram] with socket and tubes
Made in USA

Unused - Price: $100 - one available
S/H included within continental US
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