Cameras Photographic Film 35MM Polaroid Electronic Movie 16MM Video Mechanical

The OddMix Cameras, Film, 35 MM, Polaroid, Electronic, Movie, 16 MM, Video Optical Surplus Items collection comprised of quality vintage items for sale. These special bargain listings include 16 and 35 MM film, moving picture and video cameras of many different kind. Click on the small images for details. Limited availability.

 Camcorder Hi8 Sony CCD-V701 High Power Precision Zoom Optics Movie  Camera Film Polaroid Automatic Land 420 Photographic Color Black and White
 Camera Film Olympus 35 RC Photographic Automatic Color Black and White  Camera Vivitar Photographic 35 MM Film Color Black and White
 Camera Film Kyocera Yashica Zoomate 115 Automatic 35MM Photographic Color B&W  Camera Film Minolta Autopak 470 Photographic Pocket Flash 110 Case Color B&W
 Camera Video Film 16/8 MM Meter Magic Movie Color B&W Mechanical  Camera Video Film 16/8 MM Doral Super 118 Movie Color B&W Electronic
 Camera Video 16/8 MM Chinon 20 XL Movie Color Film B&W Electronic  Camera Digital Konica Minolta Dimage X1 8 MP 12x Zoom Photographic Movie
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Items listed are one of a kind, vintage, collector's choice items
First come first served, as supply is extremely limited
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