Optics Camera Microscope Projector Mirror Filter Grating Prism Magnifier Photographic

The OddMix Optical Surplus Items collection comprised of quality vintage items for sale. These special bargain listings include 16 and 35 MM film, moving picture and video cameras, microscopes, projectors, precision lens assemblies, telephoto lenses and objectives of many different kind. There is also a GAF 680 Anscomatic Slide Projector complete with slide trays and spare projector bulbs.

 Lenses Lens Assemblies Photographic
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 Filters Photographic
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 Microscopes Mono Stereo
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 Film and Electronic Cameras Photographic
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 Mirrors Prisms Optical
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 US Army Air Corp N-3B Sight Assembly Fixed Gun Cannon Service Tool & Engineering Co
 Slide Tray Projector TDC Selectray Eastman Bell Howell GAF  GAF Sawyer's Rototray Carousel for Slide Projector Patented
 Magnifier 3x Handheld Set 90MM & 60 MM Optical Glass Classic Philatelic  Magnifier 3x Handheld 100MM Optical Glass Classic Philatelic
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Items listed are one of a kind, vintage, collector's choice items
First come first served, as supply is extremely limited
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