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OddMix has a few older surplus transistor radios for sale. Many of these bargain units are unused unless otherwise indicated. There is also a good number of different type, second hand units as well. Some radios are for replacement parts only, as indicated. Many collectible radio types DAK-MR101, Gran-Prix, Encore AM/FM, Windsor CR-60 AM/FM, Grundig City-Boy, Juliette APR-220, LCD Clock Radio, M10 AM/FM, Motofon FM/AM, Pierre Cardin Radio, Radio Shack Travel Clock Radio, Realistic AM Radio, Sanyo, 10G-831HU, Multiband, SDS, SONY ICF-C411, Solid-State, Sokol-403, Sylvania All Transistor are all found here.

 Radio Transistor DAK MR-101 AM FM Short Wave PLL Synthesized Tuning  Radio Gran-Prix A-224-S AM-FM Transistor
 Radio Transistor Windsor CR-60 AM/FM Stereo Cassette  Radio Transistor Grundig City-Boy AM-FM Transistor 100 Collector's Vintage
 Radio Transistor Juliette APR-220 TOPP 10 Solid State Classic Vintage  Radio Transistor Sanyo 10G-831-HU Multiband Vintage Collectible
 Radio Transistor SDS Solid-State Vintage Collectible  Radio 7 Transistor Sokol-403 AM LW Solid State Two Band Russian Made
 Radio Receiver Sylvania All-Transistor AM Solid State Classic Collectible  Radio Transistor GE T2210A Solid State AM/FM Vintage Collectible
 Radio Transistor MFR-88 Traveler's AA FM 2 Bands LCD Clock Receiver  Radio Transistor Fashion Bug Pierre Cardin FM Solid State Receiver Vintage Collectible
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Items listed are one of a kind, vintage, collector's choice items
First come first served, as supply is extremely limited
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