Radio AM FM Short Wave PLL Synthesized Varicap Tuning Solid State DAK MR-101

This is a whole, complete nonworking collector's vintage radio. Since only the audio part is out of order, but the tuner is OK, with some repairs it would be usable, or it is a good source for parts. This radio uses PLL synthesized Varicap capacitor tuning, the same (except done manually) "frequency hopping" technology as much more expensive sets do. It uses four 1.5 VDC AA internal batteries for operation. External power jack allows use of an external 6VDC (not included) power supply. It has an audio output jack. Here is a piece of history on the cheap for nostalgia, or for parts. It is a nice item to have. Lots of these radios were sold by DAK at one time, now they are hard to find.
Radio AM FM Short Wave PLL Synthesized Varicap Tuning Solid State DAK MR-101 [10 KB]

DAK MR-101AM FM SW Radio
Solid State AM/FM/SW Set
AM, SW=3.4-21.75MHz in two bands, FM
PLL Synthesized tuning
Double superheterodyne
LCD digital frequency readout
Uses an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Telescopic and ferrite antenna
Power DC: 6 V, (4 x "AA" cells)
External (6V) input power jack
7.5W x 4.75H x 1.5D [inches]

Used - nonworking condition for parts
Price: $30 One available
S/H included within continental US
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