Pulse Counter Assembly Burroughs C-2506-6 Six Digit Nixie Memory Decoder TTL Logic

This is an unused, factory fresh, genuine Burroughs C-2506-6 six digit B5750S Nixie tube type counter with memory a decoder driver circuit card assembly. It uses standard TTL (Transistor Transistor Logic) input logic signal. The high quality, fully loaded, factory built pc card has a 52 pin edge gold plated connector. The unit requires 5 Volt DC (Direct Current) and 200 Volt DC for its operation. It was made by the now defunct Burroughs Corporation Electronic Components Division (ECD Plainfield NJ) around 1968-1970. This unit is unused and in excellent working condition. This card is a complete six digit pulse counter assembly. Only a time base circuit reqired to make it a classy frequency counter. Typical input toggle rate is 25 MHz. Excellent as a replacement, or for new projects. It can be used especially well for making a frequency counter, pulse counter or a simple DVM with a high quality fully assembled digital display. This is a real hard to find vintage collector's choice item. Only one available.
Pulse Counter Assembly Six Digit Nixie Memory Decoder TTL Logic Burroughs C-2506-6 [11 KB]

C-2506-6 Six Digit Decoder Driver Nixie Assy
MFG: Burroughs Corporation EC Division
6 Socketed B-5750S Nixie Tubes - included
Input Signal: TTL - Toggle Rate: 20 MHz Min
Connector: SR125, 52 Pin, - NOT Included
Power Supply Input VCCH: 200 VDC @ 24 mAmax
Power Supply Input VCCL: 5.0 VDC @ 672 mAmax
Data sheet with schematic - included
Size: 3.89 W x 5.76 D x 1.95 H [inches]
Weight: 100 [gram] with tubes - Made in USA

Unused, excellent working condition
Price: $120 with 6 Nixie Tubes - Only one available S/H included within continental US

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