Meter AC AN/PSM3 15-750 VAC 50-1000 Cycles Large Analog US Military Item

This is a very useful, rare nostalgia item this genuine US Military AN/PSM3 15-750 VAC 50-1000 Cycles AC Meter. It has a large, ruggedized analog mechanical movement, and it is fielded in a "bulletproof" rather heavy enclosure. It is lightly used but in excellent working condition. The heavy gage cast all aluminum case, robust, ruggedized design and dependable mechanical circuit makes this instrument practically indestructible. It is desirable for many measurement to have an analog instrument available. This AN/PSM3 AC Meter has all the benefits of an old fashined less able meter. Made by at least forty years ago when material shortages were unheard of. This is a real hard to find vintage collector's choice instrument.
Meter AC 15-750 VAC 50-1000 Cycles AN/PSM3 Large Analog US Military Surplus [9 KB]


US Military AN/PSM3 AC Meter
Input Impedance: 122 K on 750 V range at 60 Hz
Large meter movement - 4 W x 2 H inch
Heavy gage - "bullet proof" aluminum housing
5-6 lb. approximately


Used, good working condition
Cover is NOT included
Price: $100 - One available
S/H included within continental US
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