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A few of the hard to find 4CX350A/8321 transmitter tubes. These tubes are used but in fine working condition. Two are made by Amperex and two of Eimac. Four SK6368 Eimac sockets are also available. Sockets are used but they are in very good condition. Tube data for reference only - no longer available!

These tubes are the bread and butter of high power amplifiers and amateur or commercial short wave transmitter output stages. The following shortwave broadcast transmitters use these 4CX350A/8321 transmitter tubes;
     Collins                  208U-10          Collins                  821A-1
     Collins                  821A-2           Continental Electronics  416 D
     Continental Electronics  416 E            HCJB World Radio         HC 500
     RIZ Transmitters         OR 5 K-01/A

4CX350A/8321 Eimac Amperex Power Tetrode Transmitter Tube [10 KB]


4CX350A/8321 Power Tubes
MFG: Amperex and Eimac
350 watts maximum plate dissipation
Frequency for Max. Ratings - 110 MHz
Oxide-coated Unipotential Cathode
Externally identical to the 4CX250B
Ceramic construction
1.64" MaxDia x 2.47" Height
Weight - 4 oz; 112 gm
Quality Made in USA


No longer Available
Data For Reference Only
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