6CA7-EL34 Vacuum Electronic Beam Tube Class A Power Amp Sylvania Reference

This is an original Sylvania 6CA7-EL34 Beam Type Electronic Tube. This tube was developed for audio-voltage power amplifier use in early intercarrier televisions, radio receivers and audio amplifiers. A beam power tube with a heater-cathode and three grids can be used for many other special purpose circuits like oscillators and RF amplifiers. Excellent for replacement, antique radio, instrument, TV television restoration projects, experimentation, circuit research or to set up a private vacuum tube museum. Tube data for reference only - no longer available!
6CA7-EL34 Beam Tube Class A Power Amplifier Miniature Sylvania Electronic Vacuum Tube [8 KB]


6CA7-EL34 Beam Power Tube
MFG: Sylvania - High quality Made in USA
Audio Amplifier, Oscillator
Heater: 6.3 V, 0.9 A
Plate: 250 Vmax, 75 mAmax - Class A
Base: octal glass


1976 Price: $6.80 - Sylvania List - May 1, 1976
No longer Available
Data For Reference Only
6CA7-EL34 Octal 8-Pin Electronic Vacuum Tube Electrode Connections
PIN # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Electrode Grid-3 Heater Anode Grid-2 Grid-1 NC Heater Cathode
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