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B5440A B-5440A Nixie Neon Numerical Indicator Tube Burroughs Reference

This is an original Burroughs B5440A, B-5440A Nixie ultra-long life - 200,000 hrs. - numerical indicator tube. It is has ten cathodes, number 0-9 and two decimal points on either side of the numerals and they emit a bright neon red color. The tubes made in 1969, require a 16-pin socket. Recommended operating voltage is 170 VDCmin, and 3 mA typical. These tubes were used in many early large scale computers, binary and digital counters equipments and special circuits.
B5440A B-5440A Burroughs Nixie Neon Numerical Indicator Tube [11 KB]


B-5440A, B-5440A Numerical Nixie Indicator Tube
MFG: Burroughs - Display Readout Neon Tube
Counter/Display applications
High quality Made by ECD in NJ - USA
Power: 170 VDCmin, 3 mAtyp
Ultra-long Life - 200,000 hrs. - using DC
Size: 18 Dia x 43 H [MM] with pins
Base: 16-pin all glass


No longer Available
Data For Reference Only
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