Substitute Table Type 1 Replacement (1A0-1ZX) Vacuum Electronic Radio TV Tubes

The tubes in the replacement table allows to select identical pin-for-pin replacement tubes and improved characteristic and foreign made substitute types. Please check the OddMix Vacuum Tubes listing as a few of some of the types are usually available. OddMix tubes comprise a wide variety of rare, vintage, exotic, original and collector's special vacuum tubes, electron tubes and thermionic valves.
      Original    Pin for Pin Replacement Substitute
      Tube Type   * = In parallel heater circuits only     % = Temporary service only
      1A3         DA90      1D13  
      1A4         1B4       1A4P      1A4 %                              
      1A5         1C5 *     1G4 %     1Q5 *                              
      1A6         1C6 *                              
      1A7         1B7 *     1C7 *     DK32      X14
      1AB6        1AC6 *    DK96
      1AC5        1V5
      1AC6        1AB6      DK92      X18
      1AD4        DF62
      1AD5        1W5       1AD4 *
      1AE4        1L4 %     1T4 %     1U4 %
      1AF4        DF96      1L4 *     1U4 *     1T4 * %   1AJ4 %  
      1AF5        1AH5      1S4 *
      1AG5        1AJ5      1AK5
      1AH4        1AK4
      1AH5        DAF96
      1AJ4        1AF4      DF96
      1AJ5        1AG5      1AK5
      1AK4        1AH4
      1AK5        1AG5      1AJ5
      1AN5        DF97
      1AX2        1AX2A     1AX2B     1X2 %
      1B3         1G3       8016      1J3       DY30 *    2B3 %
      1B4         1A4       1E5       32        34
      1B5         25S
      1B7         1LC6      1AE7 *
      1B8         1D8
      1C5         1A6       DL35 *    N15 *     1Q5 %
      1C6         1A6
      1C7         KK32      1D7 *
      1C8         1E8       1AE5 *
      1D5         1E5
      1D7         1C7 *
      1D8         1E8
      1E3         DC80
      1E4         1G4       1H4 %
      1E5         KF35
      1E8         1C8
      1F5         1J5       KL35
      1G3         1K3       1B3
      1G4         1E4       1H4 %
      1G5         1J5       1F5
      1G6         1J6 * %
      1H4         1E4 %
      1H5         DAC32     HD14
      1J3         1B3 
      1J5         1G5
      1J6         1G6 *
      1K3         1G3
      1L4         1T4       1U4       DF92      1AF4 *
      1L4A        1LB4
      1L6         1U6 *
      1LA6        1LC6
      1LB4        1LA4
      1LC5        1LN5      1LG5
      1L6C        1LA6
      1LE3        1LF3      1293 *
      1LF3        1LE3
      1LG5        1LC5      1LN5
      1LN5        1LC5      1LG5
      1M3         DF70
      1N5         1P5       DF33 *    Z14 *     1D5 %
      1P5         1N5
      1Q5         DL36      1T5 *     1A5 *     1C5 %
      1R5         DK91      X17
      1S2         1H2       DY86
      1S2A        1H2
      1S4         1S4T      DL91
      1S5         1S5T      1FD9      DAF91     1AF5 *
      1S6         1T6
      1T4         1T4T      1L4       1U4       1F3       DF91      1AF4 *
      1T5         1A5       1Q5       1C5 *     1G4 %
      1T6         1S6
      1U4         5910      1L4       1T4       DF904     1AF4 *
      1U5         DAF92
      1U6         1L6 *
      1V          6Z3
      1V5         1AC5
      1W5         1V5 %
      1X2         1X2A      1X2B      DY80      1AX2A     1AX2 %
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