Substitute Table Type 3 Replacement (3A0-3ZX) Vacuum Electronic Radio TV Tubes

The tubes in the replacement table allows to select identical pin-for-pin replacement tubes and improved characteristic and foreign made substitute types. Please check the OddMix Vacuum Tubes listing as a few of some of the types are usually available. OddMix tubes comprise a wide variety of rare, vintage, exotic, original and collector's special vacuum tubes, electron tubes and thermionic valves.
      Original    Pin for Pin Replacement Substitute
      Tube Type   * = In parallel heater circuits only     % = Temporary service only
      3A3         3B2       3C2  
      3AX4        DL93      1662
      3A4         DL93
      3A5         DCC90
      3AB4        PC92
      3AF4        3DZ4      2T4
      3AJ8        XCH81
      3AL5        XB91      XAA91
      3AU6        3BA6      XF94
      3AV6        3BT6
      3AW3        3A3       3B2       3CA3
      3B2         3CA3      3AW3      3A3       3C2
      3B4         HD30      DL98
      3B5         3C5       3Q5       DL33      N16
      3B7         1291
      3BA6        3AU6      XF94
      3BC5        3CE5
      3BE6        3BY6 %    3CS6      3BF6
      3BF6        3BY6 %    3BY6      3CS6
      3BT6        3AV6
      3BU8        3GS8      3HS8      3KF8
      3BX6        XF80
      3BY6        3BE6      3BF6      3CS6
      3BY7        XF85
      3BZ6        3BC5      3BC6      3DK6      3CF6      3CB6
      3C2         3A3       3B2       2V2 
      3C4         3E5       3V4       DL96      1P1       N25
      3C5         3B5       3Q5
      3C6         XXB
      3CA3        3B2       3A3       3AW3
      3CB6        3BC5      3BZ6      3DK6      3CF6
      3CE5        3CB6      3CF6      3BC5
      3CF6        3BC5      3BZ6      3CB6      3CE5      3DK6
      3CS6        3BE6      3BY6      3BF6
      3CY5        3EV5      3EA5
      3D6         1299      3LF4 *    DL29
      3DK6        3BZ6      3CF6      3CB
      3DL4        YC88
      3DZ4        3AF4
      3E5         3V4       3C4       N25       1P1       DL96
      3EA5        3CY5      3EV5
      3EH7        XF183
      3ER5        3ES5      3FQ5      R14       YC95      3FH5      3GK5
      3EV5        3CY5      3EA5
      3FH5        3ER5      3ES5      3FQ5      R14       YC95      3GK5
      3FS5        3GU5
      3FX7        3D-HH13
      3FY5        YC97
      3GK5        3FH5      3ER5      3ES5      R14       YC95      DL29      1299  
      3GS8        3BU8      3HS8      3KF8
      3GU5        3FS5
      3HA5        3HK5      3HM5      3HQ5
      3HK5        3HA5      3HM5      3HQ5
      3HM5        3HA5      3HK5      3HQ5
      3HM6        3HT6      3JC6      3JD6
      3HQ5        3HA5      3HK5      3HM5
      3HS8        3BU8      3GS8      3KF8
      3HT6        3HM6      3JC6      3JD6
      3JC6        3HM6      3HT6      3JD6
      3JD6        3HM6      3HT6      3JC6
      3KF8        3BU8      3GS8      3HS8
      3LE4        DL29      3D6       1299      3LF4 *
      3LF4        DL29      3LE4      3D6 *     1299 *
      3Q4         3S4       3S4T *    DL95      N18
      3Q5         3B5       3C5       DL33      N15
      3S2         GY86
      3S4         3S4T *    3Q4       1P10      DL92      N17
      3S4SF       3W4       3Z4
      3V4         DL94      N19       3C4 *     3E5 *     1P11
      3W4         3Z4       3S4SF
      3Z4         3W4       3S4SF
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