Substitute Table Type 5 Replacement (5A0-5ZX) Vacuum Electronic Radio TV Tubes

The tubes in the replacement table allows to select identical pin-for-pin replacement tubes and improved characteristic and foreign made substitute types. Please check the OddMix Vacuum Tubes listing as a few of some of the types are usually available. OddMix tubes comprise a wide variety of rare, vintage, exotic, original and collector's special vacuum tubes, electron tubes and thermionic valves.
      Original    Pin for Pin Replacement Substitute
      Tube Type   * = In parallel heater circuits only     % = Temporary service only
      5AR4        GZ34  
      5AS4        5AW4      5DB4      5U4G      5V3       5931      5AU4      5V3       5Z10
      5AT8        5FG7      5BE8      5BR8      5CL8      5DH8
      5AU4        5V3       5V3A      5AW4      5U4GA     5U4GB     5U4G
      5AV8        5B8
      5AW4        5U4       5AS4      5R4GY     5T4       5U4G      5U4A      5U4G      5V3
      5AX4        5T4       5U4G      5AZ1      5U4       5W4       5Z4       5AS4      5U4G
                  5X3       5V4       5931    
      5AZ4        5U4       5W4       5AW4      5T4       5AX4      5V4       5Y3       5Z4
      5BK7        5BQ7      5BZ7
      5CG4        5V4G
      5CL8        5CL8A
      5R4GY       5AW4
      5T4         5AX4      5AZ4      5W4       5Y3       5AS4      5Z4       5AW4      5R4
                  5U4G      5V4       31
      5U4G        5AX4      5AZ4      5T4       5V3       5AS4      5AW4      5U4GA
                  5U4GB     U52       GZ34
                  5W4       5Y3       5Z4       5Y4       5V3       5931
      5U4GA       5AX4      5AZ4      5U4G      5W4       5AS4      5AU4      5AW4      5T4
                  U52       GZ34
                  5Y3       5Z4       5Y4       5U4GB     5V3       5931
      5U4GB       5AX4      5AZ4      5U4G      5V3       5AS4      5AU4      5AW4      5T4
                  5W4       5Y3       5Z4       5Y4       5U4GA     5931
      5U8         5EA8
      5V3         5AS4      5AW4      5U4GB     5AU4
      5V4         5AX4      5AZ4      5T4       5U4       5V4GA     GZ32
                  5W4       5Y3       5Z4       5931
      5W4         5AX4      5AZ4      5T4       5U4       5V4       5W4GT     5Z4
                  5Y3       5931
      5X3         5Z3       80        83        83V       1275
      5X4         5Y4G      5Y4GA     5Y4GT     5X4GA
      5Y3G        5Y3GT     5AW4      5AX4      5AZ4      5Y3GA     6087      U50
                  5T4       5U4GA     5U4GB     5V4       5W4       5Z4       5931
      5Y4         5X4       5Z4       5931      5Y4GA
      5Z3         80        83        83V       1275      5X3
      5Z4         5V4       5V4GA     5AX4      5T4       5AZ4      5Y3       GZ302     5U4
                  5W4       5931
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