Substitute Table Type 6A Replacement (6A0-6ZX) Vacuum Electronic Radio TV Tubes

The tubes in the replacement table allows to select identical pin-for-pin replacement tubes and improved characteristic and foreign made substitute types. Please check the OddMix Vacuum Tubes listing as a few of some of the types are usually available. OddMix tubes comprise a wide variety of rare, vintage, exotic, original and collector's special vacuum tubes, electron tubes and thermionic valves.
      Original    Pin for Pin Replacement Substitute
      Tube Type   * = In parallel heater circuits only     % = Temporary service only
      6A4         52        LA
      6A7         6A7S      6A7E
      6A8         6A8G      6A8GT     6J8       6K8       X63
      6AB4        EC92
      6AB5        6N5
      6AB7/1853   6AC7/1852 6AJ7
      6AB8        ECL80     SN152
      6AC5G       6AC5GT
      6AC5GT      6AC5G
      6AC7        6AB7      6AJ7      1852      1853      6AC7W     6134
      6AD5        6AE5      6AF5      6C5       6J5       6J5GT     6P5       6J5WGT
      6AD6        6AF6
      6AE5        6AD5      6AF5      6C5       6J5       6J5GT     6P5
      6AE8        X79
      6AF4        6T4       6AN4      6AF4A
      6AF5        6AD5      6AE5      6C5       6J5       6P5
      6AF6        6AD6
      6AG5        6AH6      6BA6      6BC5      6BD6      6CB6      6CF6      6CE5      6186
      6AG7        6AK7
      6AH6        6485
      6AJ4        6AM4
      6AJ7        6AB7      6AC7      1852      1852
      6AK5        6CF6      9003      5654      EF95
      6AK7        6AG7
      6AK8        6T8       6T8A
      6AL5        6Al5W     5726      6058      6097      6663      D77       DD6       EB91
                  EAA91     6D2       D152      DD7
      6AM4        6AJ4
      6AM5        EL91      N77       N144
      6AM6        6064      EL91      SP6       8D3       Z77       6F12
      6AM8        6AM8A
      6AN4        6AF4      6T4
      6AN8        6AN8A
      6AQ4        EC91
      6AQ5        6669      6AQ5A     6AQ5W     6BM5      6005      EL90
      6AQ8        ECC85     B719
      6AR5        6AF6
      6AS6        5725      6AS6W
      6AS7        6080
      6AT6        6066      6AV6      DH77      EBC90
      6AT8        6AT8A
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