Substitute Table Type 6 Replacement (6B0-6BX) Vacuum Electronic Radio TV Tubes

The tubes in the replacement table allows to select identical pin-for-pin replacement tubes and improved characteristic and foreign made substitute types. Please check the OddMix Vacuum Tubes listing as a few of some of the types are usually available. OddMix tubes comprise a wide variety of rare, vintage, exotic, original and collector's special vacuum tubes, electron tubes and thermionic valves.
      Original    Pin for Pin Replacement Substitute
      Tube Type   * = In parallel heater circuits only     % = Temporary service only
      6B3         6V3       6V3A
      6B6         6Q7       6B6G      6T7
      6BA3        6AY3      6BH3      6CK3      6DW4
      6BA6        6CL3      EF93      6660      5749       6AU6     6HS6
      6BC5        6DE5      6169      6AG5      6AH6      6AU6      6HS6      6CB6      6CF6
      6BC7        6CQ7
      6BC8        6BZ8      6BQ7      6BZ7      6AQ8      6BK7      ECC85
      6BD4        6BK4      6El4A
      6BD5        6AU5      6AV5      6FW5      6CB6      6CF6
      6BD6        6BA6      EF93      5749      5760      6HR6
      6BD11       6AF11     6AS11
      6BE3        6BZ3      6CD3      6DT3      6CE3      6CG3      6BW3      6DQ3
      6BE6        5750      6BY6      6BE6W     5915      7036
      6BE8        6BR8      6FV8      6JN8      8446      6CL8      6FG7
      6BF5        6DS5      6HG5      6HR5      6AQ5
      6BF6        6BU6
      6BF7        6BG7      6947      7079      7963
      6BF11       6AD10     6T10
      6BG6        6BGG      6BG6GA    6GC6
      6BG7        6BF7      6021      8525
      6BH3        6AY3      6CK3      6CL3      6DW4      6CH3      6CJ3
      6BH6        6BJ6      6DB6
      6BH8        6AU8      6AW8      6DX8      6JT8      6KR8      6BA8
      6BJ3        6AX3      6BZ3      6CD3      6BE3      6CE3      6CG3
      6BJ6        6DC6      6BH6      6DE6
      6BJ7        6BC7      6GQ7
      6BJ8        6BN8
      6BK4        6EL4      6BD4
      6BK6        6AV6      6AT6      6BT6      6AQ6
      6BK7        6FW8      6KN8      6AQ8      6BC8      6BQ7      6BZ7      6BS8
      6BBK11      6K11      6AC10     6BQ11
      6BL4        6DM4      6DA4      6DQ4      6DE4      6CQ4      6DT4      6AU4
      6BL7        6BX7
      6BL8        6LN8      EBF80     6AX8      6U8       6U8A      6KE8      6MG8
      6BM5        6AQ5      6HG5      6DL5      6DS5
      6BM8        ECL82     6HC8
      6BN6        6KS6
      6BN8        6BJ8
      6BQ5        EL84      7189
      6BQ6        6CU6      6DQ6      6FH6      6GW6
      6BQ7        6BZ7      6BS8      6BC8      6BK7      6CH7      6BZ8
      6BR3        6RK19     6AF3      6V3       6V3A      6Al3
      6BR5        6DA5
      6BR8        6FV8      6JN8      6BE8      6CL8      6FG7
      6BS3        6CK3      6CL3      6CH3      6CJ3
      6BS8        6BC8      6BQ7      6BZ7      6BX8      6BZ8      6JK8      6CH7      6CX7
      6BT6        6AT6      6AV6      6BK6      6AQ6
      6BU4        6BK4      6EL4
      6BU6        6BF6
      6BU8        6HS8      6GS8      6KF8
      6BW3        6CG3      6DQ3      6AX3      6BE3
      6BW6        6061
      6BW7        6BX6      6HM6      6EL7      6EJ7      EF184     6JC6
      6BX6        6BW7      6HM6      6EL7      6EJ7      EF184     6JC6
      6BX7        6BL7      6DN7
      6BX8        6DJ8      ECC88     6ES8      6BC8      6BQ7      6BS8      6BZ7      6BZ8
      6BY6        6CS6      6BE6      5750      5915      7036
      6BY7        6BX6      6EC7
      6BY11       6AD10     6T10
      6BZ3        6CD3      6BE3      6CE3      6CG3
      6BZ6        6GM6      6HQ6      6JH6      6JK6
      6BZ7        6BQ7      6BS8      6BC8      6BX8      6BZ8      6CH7      6CX7
      6BZ8        6BC8      6BQ7      6BZ7      6CH7      6CX7
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