Substitute Table Type 6G Replacement (6G0-6RX) Vacuum Electronic Radio TV Tubes

The tubes in the replacement table allows to select identical pin-for-pin replacement tubes and improved characteristic and foreign made substitute types. Please check the OddMix Vacuum Tubes listing as a few of some of the types are usually available. OddMix tubes comprise a wide variety of rare, vintage, exotic, original and collector's special vacuum tubes, electron tubes and thermionic valves.
      Original    Pin for Pin Replacement Substitute
      Tube Type   * = In parallel heater circuits only     % = Temporary service only
      6G5         6E5       6T5       6U5       6AB5 *    6M2       EM35      Y61
      6G6         6F6       6K6       6V6
      6G12        7H12
      6GA8        6CG7      B729      ECC804    6/30L2
      6GB5        EL500
      6GD7        6LJ8
      6GE5        6GF5
      6GF5        6GE5   
      6CG6        EZ12
      6GH8        6U8 *     6KD8 *    6LM8 *    6TP21
      6GJ7        ECF801
      6GJ8        6AX8 *    6BL8
      6GK5        6FQ5 *    6GU5
      6GL7        6EA7 *
      6GM6        6JK6      6JL6
      6GM8        ECC86     CC86E     ECC913
      6GN8        6CX8 *    6EB8 *    6HF8 *    6JT8 *
      6GS8        6HS8      6KF8
      6GU5        6FG5
      6GV8        ECL85
      6GW8        ECL86
      6GX6        6HZ6      6GY6
      6GX8        EAM86
      6GY6        6HZ6      6GX6
      6H5         EM35      6M2       6T5       Y61       Y62
      6H6         EB34      D63
      6H8C        6CC10     5962 *    6SN7 *    B65       ECC32
      6H31        6BE5      X77       EK90      X727
      6HA5        EC900     6HK5      6HQ5
      6HC8        ECL82     6PL12     6HE5
      6HE5        6BM8      6HC8      ECL82     6PL12
      6HF8        6JE8      6GN8      6JA8      6HZ8
      6HG5        6AQ5      EL90      6BM5      6L31      6P9       N727
      6HG8        ECF86
      6HJ8        6AM8
      6HK5        6HA5      6HQ5      6HM5      EC900
      6HL8        6AX8 *    6BL8      6C16      ECF80     E80CF     6GJ8
      6HM5        6HK5      6HA5      6HQ5      EC900
      6HM6        6JC6      6JD6      6HT6
      6HQ5        6HA5      6HK5      6HM5      EC900
      6HQ6        6BZ6      6JH6
      6HS6        6FG5
      6HS8        6BU8      6GS8      6KF8
      6HT6        6JC6      6JD6
      6HU6        EM84A     EM87
      6HU8        ELL80
      6HZ6        6GX6      6GY6
      6HZ8        6CX8      6EB8      6HF8      6JE8      6GN8      6JA8      6JT8
      6J4         6C31      EC98
      6J5         6AD5      6AE5      6AF5      6C5       6L5 *     6P5       L63       6K5
      6J6         5964      6101      6CC31     ECC91     M8081     6M-HH3
      6J7         6K7       6S7 *     6U7       6W7 *     7000      1223      1620      Z63
      6J8         6A8       6D8 *     6K8       X73M
      6JA8        6CX8      6EB8      6HF8      6JT8
      6JD6        6HM6      6HT6      6JC6
      6JE8        6CX8      6EB8      6HF8      6JT8      6GN8      6JA8      6HZ8
      6JG6        6JT6
      6JH6        6BZ6      6HQ6  
      6JH8        6AR8
      6JK6        6EB6      6GM6      6JL6
      6JL6        6EB6      6GM6      6JK6 
      6JT6        6JG6
      6JT8        6HZ8      6JE8      6JA8      6GN8      6CX8      6EB8      6HF8 
      6JV8        6LF8      6EH8
      6JW8        ECF802
      6JX8        ECH84
      6K4         6AD4      EC20      EC70      EC71      EC760
      6K5         6C5       6J5       6L5       L63       7193
      6K6         6F6 *     6L6 *     6U6 *     6V6 *     6G6 %     1621      5871      1622
      6K7         6J7       6S7 *     6U7       6W7 *     5732      KTW63     W63
      6K8         6A8       6J7       6C31      ECH35     X65       X61M      X147
      6KD8        ECF82     6TP1      6TP21
      6KF8        6BU8      6GS8      6HS8  
      6KH8        ECLL800
      6KL8        6EQ7
      6KS8        6AW8      6BH8      6JV8      6AU8      6LF8      6EH8
      6L4         6F4 %
      6L5         6AD5 *    6AE5 *    6C5 *     L63       7193      6K5
      6L6         6F6 *     6K6 *     6U6 *     6V6 *     1614      KT66 *    5881      5932
                  1622      6G6 %     1621 *    6550      7027 *    6L6G      EL35      EL39
      6L7         1612      6L7G      X64
      6L12        6AQ8      ECC85     6CC43     B719
      6LM8        6GH8      6JV8      6AU8
      6N6         6AB6 *
      6N7         6Y7       6Z7       1635 *
      6N8         EBF80
      6P5         6AD5      6AE5      6AF5      6C5       6J5       6L5 *     L63
      6P8G        ECH35
      6Q4         EC80
      6Q5         884
      6Q7         6B6       6T7 *     6R7       6V7 *     DH63
      6R4         EC81
      6R7         6Q7       6T7 *     6V7 *     6B6       DH63
      6R8         6T8       6AK8      6T8A
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