12A - 12X Vacuum Electronic Tubes Replacement Substitutes Radio TV Hi-Fi Equipment

The tubes in the replacement table allows to select identical pin-for-pin replacement tubes and improved characteristic and foreign made substitute types. Please check the OddMix Vacuum Tubes listing as a few of some of the types are usually available. OddMix substitute tubes comprise a wide variety of rare, vintage, exotic, original and collector's special vacuum tubes, electron tubes and thermionic valves like these types;

71A 1632 1634 1644 5751 5814 5814A 5963 6057 6060 6067 6072 6201 6679 6680 6681 7025 12A 12A4 12A7 12A8 12AC6 12AF6 12AD6 12AD7 12AE6 12AF6 12AG6 12AK7 12AT6 12AT7 12AU6 12AU7 12AV6 12AV7 12AZ7 12AX4 12AX7 12AY7 12B4 12B4A 12B7 12BA6 12BD6 12BF6 12BH7 12BK6 12BQ6 12BT6 12BU6 12BV7 12BY712BY7A 12C5 12CH6 12CU5 12CA5 12CU5 12CU6 12D4 12DQ6 12DT7 12K8 12L6 12L8 12SA7 12SC7 12SG7 12SH7 12SJ7 12SK7 12SN7 12SQ7 12SR7 12SW7 12SX7 12SY7 12X7 12W6

      Original    Pin for Pin Replacement Substitute
      Tube Type   * = In parallel heater circuits only     % = Temporary service only
      12A          71A
      12A4        12B4
      12A8        12K8
      12AC6      12AF6
      12AD6      12AG6
      12AD7      12AX7 *
      12AE6      12AT6      12AV6 
      12AF6      12AC6
      12AG6      12AD6
      12AK7      12AX7      12AY7     12AD7
      12AT6      12AV6      12BK6
      12AT7      6060       6201      6679      12AU7    12AX7     12AY7    
      12AU6      12BA6      12BD6
      12AU7      5814       5814A     6067      6680     5963
      12AV6      12AT6      12BK6     12BT6     12BU6
      12AV7      12AZ7
      12AX7      12AD7      5751      6057      6681     12AT7     12AU7    12AY7
      12AY7      6072       12AT7     12AU7     12AX7
      12AZ7      12AV7      12AT7     12BH7
      12B4       12B4A
      12B7       12A7
      12BA6      12AU6      12BD6
      12BD6      12AU6      12BA6
      12BF6      12BU6      12BK6     12BT6
      12BK6      12AT6      12AV6     12BU6     12BT6
      12BQ6      12CU6      12DQ6     12CU6     12CH6
      12BT6      12BK6      12AT6     12AV6     12BU6
      12BU6      12BF6 
      12BV7      12BY7      12BY7A
      12BY7      12BY7A     12BV7
      12C5       12CU5      12CA5 
      12CA5      12C5 
      12CU5      12C5 
      12CU6      12BQ6      12DQ6
      12D4       12AX4 
      12DQ6      12BQ6      12CU6     12CH6
      12DT7      7025 
      12E5       12J5 
      12J5       12E5 
      12J7       12K7 
      12K7       12J7 
      12K8       12A8 
      12L6       12W6       1632 
      12L8       1644 
      12SA7      12SY7
      12SC7      1634
      12SG7      12SH7      12SJ7     12SK7
      12SH7      12SG7      12SJ7     12SK7
      12SK7      12SG7      12SH7     12SJ7
      12SN7      12SX7      12X7
      12SQ7      12SR7
      12SR7      12SQ7      12SW7
      12SW7      12SR7
      12SX7      12SQ7      12SN7
      12SY7      12SA7
      12W6       12L6       1632
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