Multivibrator T-104 Early Computer Germanium Transistor Circuit Technical Collectible

While this T-104 Multivibrator is not from the legendary Bizmac/ENIAC System but it's made for a not very much younger computing monstrosity from the same era. This hard to find multivibrator digital circuit, with its eighteen internal components, has every right to be regarded as a forerunner of the IC (Integrated Circuit). T-104 Multivibrator schematic and more detail available. This rare special, historical, technical collectible computer part makes an excellent investment item for donation to a college, museum or library. This entirely germanium semiconductor circuit is a great find for the exotic computer part collector! First come first serve only one available!

T-104 Multivibrator Early Computer Germanium Transistor Circuit Technical Collectible [5 KB]

T-104 Multivibrator transistor circuit
MFG: Engineered Electronics Co.
Computer historical collectible
Made for large mainframe computer
Plugs into miniature, nine pin tube socket
Unused, functional specimen


No longer Available
Data For Reference Only
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