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This Link Collection Main Selector Page contains many noteable, valueable, handy OddMix internal, or outside webpage addresses. This page is a selector to additional, more detailed, specialized linkpages. The pages are representative selections across a wide range of interest. More of them added - or deleted - as conditions change, bookmark the page using the built in marker tool, found on all OddMix page at the page bottom and visit often to see the differences.

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Web Directories, Search Engines and Meta Searchers
Larger Search Engine Listings - easier to compare them
General Links Page
Links of General Nature - Good sites to visit
Hungarian Links Page - Magyar Linkek
Notable Hungarian Links - Emlitendö Magyar Linkek
Web Directory - by OddMix
Categorized, Verified Links - Interesting and useful sites
Internal Links Page
Available Internal OddMix Links - Sitemap

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