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Poly Site Search Machine OMPolySearch by OddMix.com One Input Multiple Output

This program helps to search different sources faster and much easier. No retyping of search terms needed. Choose between directories, search engines, and powerful meta searchers with this OMPolySearch Information Machine. Results display in separate webpages. Find more search resources at our search engine link page.

How to use: Enter a search term and press the "Search" button. Position the control panel where it stays visible. Use quotation marks or square brackets for multiple search words. Just click the search engines name in the control panel and a new window will display the results. For a new search, close the control panel, press the "Clear" button and repeat the above procedure.

Some adblocking programs can interfare with proper operation. If that happens just permit JavaScript operations and/or turn off adblocking. Add this page to your favorites - auto bookmarker located at page bottom.

Internet PolySiteSearch:


Directories are the most exact and accurate, as they are updated and maintained by humans. They are also the least up-to-date. They return the fewest and most relevant answers.

Search engines are huge database programs. They use small web searching programs called "spiders" to continuously update themself with new or updated websites and pages.

Meta Searchers are subcontracting the actual search to various directories and search engines, thereafter presenting their results to the requestor.
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