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Odd Mix.com is a site where anyone may post items for sale. It is an all-purpose virtual global bulletin board. Unlike some sites, which charge a percentage of the sale for a commision and additional fees, OddMix.com charges only a modest posting fee, and it is not involved in the actual deal making in any way.

After you e-mail your list for posting, we convert it into the proper web format and post it in the appropriate category. The list should provide at least one of the three acceptable contact options; e-mail, telephone number or a postal mailing address. Of these only the e-mail address will be verified. Upon interest, contact will be made between the seller and a buyer without OddMix.com knowing it ever happened.

No phony "auctions" here. The minimum duration for all posting is one month. See the price details and inspect some of the currently posted pages, before placing your ad.

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Rules for CLASSIFIED and other advertisements

  Personal classified advertisements are free on OddMix.com
  Free personal advertisements are posted for 30 days, then removed unless they are renewed.
  Advertisements may not be offensive to others.
  OddMix.com reserves the right to reject ANY advertisement for any reason.
  For posting ANY advertisement, a verified working e-mail required.
  HTML noncommercial pages are $5 each page for the first month, $2/page each additional months.
  Contextual Text ads are $5 per 1,000 nontargeted impressions shown.
  Read the OddMix Statistics Page for site traffic details.
  E-mail for additional details.

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