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Lightning Fast Express Web Design Development by OddMix Host Selection Help

The OddMix webpage and website design started back in 1995. From that time on thousands of pages were created, published and maintained. Many OddMix desiged sites are currently present on the web. See some samples below and visit the sites to experience some of the OddMix design technology.
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 Some websites with OddMix involvement are located at:

  FoundorNot.com - A small, nice search and reference site
  HolyWalk.org - A small, nice religious site
  NagyEngineering.com - Nagy Engineering - A small engineering site
  OddMix.com - A larger, 2,000 + page hobby site
  PoetLife.com - A medium size literary and poetry site
  Prolo.org - An informative medical site

 Reasons for selecting OddMix

  Experienced web design/development consultant
  Help and guidance that include domain and hosting selection
  Expert guidance for domain design and development
  Help with site optimizition and promotion
  Help to increase site visibility and web traffic
  Fast, affordable, high performance developer
  12/24 Express site development - 12 pages within 24 hours
  Special software development also available when required

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