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1X2B Pulsed Half Wave 20 KV Rectifier X-Ray emitter RCA Radioton Electronic Vacuum Tube

This is a genuine RCA Radioton 1X2B electronic tube. These 9-pin miniature all glass tubes typically used as pulsed half wave rectifiers to provide multi kilovolt anode voltage for television (TV), X-Ray emitter, photomultiplier and special purpose circuits. Excellent for various restoration projects or to set up a private vacuum tube museum. It is a NOS tube - New Old Stock, unused, boxed, and kept for all these years in mint condition.
1X2B Pulsed Half Wave High Voltage 20 KV Rectifier RCA Radioton Electronic Vacuum Tube [14 KB]


1X2B Half Wave Rectifier
MFG: RCA Radioton Quality Made in USA
High Voltage Rectifier X-Ray Emitter
Heater: 1.25 V, 200 mA Collectible
Plate Voltage: 22,000 Vmax
Plate Current: 0.5 mA typical, 45mAmax
Base: 9-pin noval, all glass, miniature


NOS - [New Old Stock] tube Original box
Unused Price: $18 One available
S/H included within continental US
1X2B Noval 9-pin Miniature Electronic Vacuum Tube Electrode Connections
PIN # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 CAP
Electrode FS F IC FS F FS IC FS FS Anode
F=Filament, FS=Filament shield, IC=Internal Connection - Do NOT Use!
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