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12GN7A-12HG7 Sharp Cutoff Pentode Sylvania Vacuum Tube Amplifier QRP Transmitter

This is a genuine, vintage, no longer made, discontinued type Sylvania 12GN7A-12HG7 Sharp Cutoff Pentode electronic tube. This collector's special antique vacuum tube is useable as RF, IF or video amplifier in many series-connected heater string type television receivers. The filament voltage can be either 6.3 Volt in parallel, or 12.6 Volt in a series connection. Useful part for antique radio or television restoration. It is a NOS tube - New Old Stock, unused, boxed, excellent condition.
12GN7A-12HG7 Sharp Cutoff Pentode Amplifier Sylvania Electronic Vacuum Tube [10 KB]


12GN7A-12HG7 Sharp Cutoff Pentode
Sylvania High quality Made in USA
Audio Amplifier, QRP Transmitter
Heater: 12.6/6.3 V, 0.3/0.6 A - Series, parallel
Plate: 250 Vmax, 7.5 Wmax
Discontinued Special Collectible Tube
Base: 9-pin noval, miniature all glass


NOS - [New Old Stock] tube Original box
Unused - Price: $40 - One available
S/H included within continental US
12GN7A Noval 9-Pin All Glass Electronic Vacuum Tube Electrode Connections
PIN # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Electrodes Cathode Grid-1 G3 IS Heater Heater Htr Ctr Anode Grid-2 G3 IS
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