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19X8 Medium-Mu Triode, Sharp-Cutoff Pentode RCA Radiotron Vacuum Electronic Tube

This is an original, rare, discontinued, historical RCA Radiotron 19X8 Medium-Mu Triode Sharp-Cutoff Pentode electron tube. It was developed for oscillator and mixer color television applications with 40 MHz IF sections. The pentode part works well as an IF, video, AGC amplifier. The triode side works well for AM/FM oscillator circuits. Useful for antique radio restoration projects or to set up a private vacuum tube museum. A NOS tube - New Old Stock, a vacuum tube. It is new, unused, boxed, excellent condition. First come first serve, only one available!
19X8 Medium-Mu Triode Sharp-Cutoff Pentode RCA Radiotron Electronic Vacuum Tube [8 KB]


19X8 Medium-Mu Triode, Sharp-Cutoff Pentode
MFG: RCA Radiotron Quality Made in USA
Amplifier Audio AF, RF, Oscillator
Heater: 18.4 V, 0.15 A
Plate: 275 Vmax, 1.7 Wmax - Triode Class A
Plate: 275 Vmax, 2.3 Wmax - Pentode Class A
Base: 9-pin noval, miniature, all glass


NOS - [New Old Stock] tube Original box
Unused Price: $25 One available
S/H included within continental US
19X8 Noval 9-Pin Miniature All Glass Electronic Vacuum Tube Electrode Connections
PIN # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Electrodes Grid-3 P Grid-1 T Anode T Heater Heater Cathode Grid-1 P Grid-2 Anode P
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