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B5560 B-5560 Nixie Neon Numerical Indicator Tube Inverted Burroughs Reference

This is an original Burroughs B5560 B-5560 Inverted Nixie long life numerical indicator tube. It is has ten cathodes, numerals 0-9. The tube bright neon red color at wavelengths of 3650, 4358, 5654 and 5852 Angstroms. The tube's aspect ratio, (height to width) provides for optimum viewing distance and readabilty. Recommended operating voltage is 170 VDCmin, and 2.6 mA typical. These original vintage tubes made in the 1970s for early large scale computers, binary and digital counters equipments and special circuits. Excellent for antique instrument restoration projects or to set up a private tube museum.
B5560 B-5560 Burroughs Nixie Neon Numerical Indicator Tube Inverted [6 KB]


B-5750, B-5750S Numerical Nixie Indicator Tube
MFG: Burroughs - Display Readout Neon Tube
Counter/Display applications
High quality Made in NJ - USA or Japan
Power: 170 VDCmin, 2.6 mAtyp
Long Life - 20,000 hrs. Min - even using DC
Size: 15 Dia x 35 H [MM] with pins
Base: 11-pin all glass


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