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JAN 8037 Nixie Numerical Indicator Burroughs Neon Decade Counter Tube

This is an original Burroughs JAN 8037 Large Nixie Neon Glow Tube Decade Counter Nixie long life - 20,000 hrs. minimum - numerical indicator tube. It is has ten cathodes, numerals 0-9 and no decimal points. These rare The tube has a bright neon red color and require require a 13-pin socket. Recommended operating voltage is 170 VDCmin, and cathode current is around 3 mA typical. The JAN 8037s are vintage counter displays tubes made by Burroughs in 1969-70. These type of tubes were used in many early large scale computers, binary and digital counters, equipments and special circuits. Excellent for antique instrument restoration projects or to set up a private tube museum. This is a NOS (New Old Stock) is new (factory fresh), unused, excellent condition.
JAN 8037 Burroughs Nixie Numerical Indicator Neon Decade Counter Tube [8 KB]
HARD TO FIND - Historical Display Tube


JAN 8037 Numerical Nixie Indicator
Large Burroughs Display Readout Neon Tube
Counter/Display applications
Power: 170 VDCmin, 3 mAtyp
Long Life - 20,000 hrs. Minimum - using DC
High quality Made in ECD Division NJ - USA
Size: 1 Dia x 5/8 H digits [inch]
Base: 13-pin all glass


Unused OEM tubes Without box
Price: $10 each Four available
S/H included within continental US
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