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Painting by Beregszaszi Hortobagy Hungarian Artist

This painting is an original picture in oil, titled the Hortobagy (a famous low land in central Hungary) landscape painted in 1998 by renowned Hungarian artist Tamas Beregszaszi. His imagery often reflects the dynamic nature of the Hungarian flatland, and the simple lifestyle of it's inhabitants. Dramatically vibrant colors, and a great yet simple composition is the signature of this much accomplished artist. The image has it's original gallery frame (included) to properly showcase the artist's creation. First come first serve only one available!
Hortobagy Painting by T Beregszaszi Hungarian Artist [11 KB]


• Title: Hortobagy - Landscape
• Artist: Tamas Beregszaszi
• Oil painting - Hardboard base - 1998
• 6 x 8 [in] - 15 x 20 [cm]
• Framed Size: 8 x 10 [in] - 20 x 25 [cm]
• Original Gallery Frame - Included


• Companion painting: Faluvege (Village Limit)
• Excellent condition - Price: $300
• Price: With Faluvege picture $500
• Shipping/Handling included - Anywhere
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