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Painting by Andrea Nagy Winter Hungarian American Artist

This painting Winter (Tél) is a soft yet elaborate landscape picture. It is a fine example of Andrea Nagy's works, her originality and interesting, striking style. The artist's paintings are characterized by harmonic colors, and a vibrant, dramatic composition. Andrea's paintings are extremely rare, especially from 2003. This original unframed painting is done on paper that is streched over a wooden supporting form. First come first serve, as only one available!
Winter by Andrea Nagy Hungarian American Artist Landscape Painting [7 KB]


• Title: Winter - Landscape
• Artist: Andrea Nagy
• Media: Acrylic on paper composition - 2003
• Size: 12 x 9 [in] - 304 x 228 [mm]


• Excellent condition - Unframed - Price: $200
• Shipping/Handling included - Anywhere
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