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Painting Brookside by Karoly Nagy Hungarian American Artist

This acrylic painting Brookside from 1975 is an example of Karoly Nagy's early works, his originality and interesting style. This work of the matured artist is characterized by the dramatic dark colors of the trees against the serene flow of the meandering creek, the contrasting harmony, and a lively yet vibrant composition. "Nagy" paintings are extremely rare, especially from the 1970 era. This original unframed painting is done on paper that is streched over a wooden supporting form. First come first serve, as only one available!
Brookside by Karoly Nagy Hungarian American Artist Painting [9 KB]


Title: Brookside
Artist: Karoly Nagy
Date of painting: 1975
Aquarell on paper - stretched over wood frame
Size: 11 x 7 [in] - 28 x 18 [cm]


Unframed - Price: $200
Shipping/Handling included - Anywhere
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