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Fire-Enamel Madonna by Gabor Somogyi Hungarian Master Religious Artwork

This fired enamel artwork The Madonna is indicative of master painter Gabor Somogyi's originality and mature style. Because the fire or fired enamel is not an easy media, only self assured, accomplished artists use it. Gabor Somogyi's fire enamel pictures are characterized by dramatically clear harmonic colors, and vibrant composition. The masterpiece is outfitted with an original gallery frame. First come first serve only one available!
Madonna by Gabor Somogyi Hungarian Master Fire-Enamel Religious Artwork [14 KB]


Title: Madonna
Artist: Somogyi Gabor
Fire Enamel Composition on metal plate - 1990
7.0 x 9.5 [in] - 11.25 x 13.5 [in] framed
Original gallery frame - Included


Excellent condition - Price: $1,200
Shipping/Handling included - Anywhere

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