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931A Photomultiplier High Sensitivity Spectrometer Sensor GE Vacuum Electronic Tube

This is an original GE 931A Photomultiplier tube. This tube has nine stages and a 1,000V anode supply. It has an S4 Spectral Response and a Luminous Sensitivity: 20 a/lm. This GE tube is a rare, hard to find, classic, eleven pin, sensitive tube. This detector tube is useful in spectroscopy, astronomy, nuklear radiation detection, many older instruments and special measuring circuits. Useful as a technical collectible, for instrument restoration projects or to set up a private vacuum tube museum. This is a NOS (New Old Stock) is unused, boxed, in excellent condition. Ten available. First come first serve.
931A Photomultiplier Nine Stage High Sensitivity GE Vacuum Electronic Tube [15 KB]


931A Photomultiplier Tube
Spectral Response: S4 Number of Stages: 9
MFR: GE High quality Made in USA
Wavelength Response Max: 4,000 500 Angstroms
Current Amplification Ratio: 150,000 Anode/Cathode
Luminous Sensitivity - Cathode: 20 ua/lm
Anode Supply: 1,250 VDCmax
Size: 1.31 Dia max x 3.69 max [in.]
Base: 11-pin


NOS - New Old Stock tube Original box
Unused Price: $20 Each Ten available
S/H included within continental US
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