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This OddMix information section helps with the restoration work for 1936 vintage, antique, collectibles vacuum tube type radio receivers. Most of these vintage set restoration data cover radios made in central Europe, mostly in Hungary, in the year 1936. The companies made these sets are EKA, Orion, Philips, Siemens, Standard, Telefunken and others. Schematics, pictures and some other information is provided for these lovely vintage collectibles.

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 EKA ABC Super Five Tube Radio 1936  EKA Reform Three Tube Radio 1936
 Orion 222 Three Tube Radio 1936  Orion 333 Four Tube Radio 1936
 Philips 32B Three Tube Radio 1936  Philips Matador Three Tube Radio 1936
 Standard Darling Three Tube Radio 1936  Standard Super Y Four Tube Radio 1936
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