Standard Cell 51309 Weston Instruments Model 3 1.0194 Volt Abs Calibration Reference

This is a genuine Weston Instruments Model 3 laboratory primary calibration Voltage standard. It is used in many metrology labs all over the world. This Weston design is the workhorse of the industry. This is a single fluid voltaic cell, uses saturated solution of cadmium sulphate. The negative electrode is cadmium amalgams. The positive electrode is mercury. It keeps a stable absolute voltage which provides a constant 1.0194 Volt abs. at 20 C. These calibration voltage standards are not to be used to supply any current. They are usually used within a Wheatstone bridge along with a potentiometer or similar instrument. Page is for reference only - Item is no longer available!
Weston Instruments Model 3 Standard Cell 51309 1.0194 Volt Absolute Calibration [10 KB]

Weston Normal Cell Type 3
MFG: Weston Instruments Company
Number: 51305
Voltage: 1.0194 abs.
Calibration Standard Cell
Single Fluid Cell
Electrolyte: Saturated solution of Cd sulphate
Negative electrode: Cadmium amalgams
Positive electrode: Mercury
Terminals: Two fine wire
Size: 2.25 W x 3 H x 0.625 D [inches]
Weight: 66 [gram]
Original Weston - Made in USA

No longer Available
Data For Reference Only
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