Ni-Cd Battery Rechargeable Varta 5099 TR 7/8 IEC6F99 9 Volt 100 mA Nickel Cadmium

These 9 Volt Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries save their price many times over. They are typically good for 500-1000 charge discharge cycles. This cycle number is load and discharge dependent. If the battery is only partially discharged before it is recharged, the cycle number increases significantly. Since these batteries are ultimateky recycled, and they take the place of many hundreds of disposable units, they are environmentally friendlier. The rectangular cell Varta units are far superior to the standard six round Ni-Cd cell - 7.2 Volt - so called 9 Volt batteries. Not only the Varta rectangular cell construction last longer under use then the round cell units, but they use one extra cell within the assembly, so their open circuit voltage - 8.4 Volt - is a lot closer to the primary cell's 9 Volt potential. First come first serve. Supply is very limited.
Battery Rechargeable 9 Volt 100 mA Ni-Cd Nickel Cadmium Varta 5099 TR 7/8 IEC6F99 [10 KB]


5099 TR 7/8 IEC6F99 9 Volt 100 mA Ni-Cd
Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Battery - Varta
International Standard 9V battery size
9 Volt (8.4 V) 100 mAh
Rectangular cell construction
Higher AmperHour capacity
Charging requirements: 10 mA for 14 hours
Size: 26 W, 15 D, 48 H - Weight: 43 Grams> Notes:

New - Price: $12 Each - 10 available
S/H included within continental US
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