Battery Charger NiMH Ni-Cd AA AAA Cells Duracell CEF14N Fast High Efficiency

This newly designed, current state-of-the-art Duracell CEF14N, fast, high efficiency, universal input, transformerless charger is for Standard AA and AAA, Ni-Mh rechargeable cells. With careful attention to specifications, it will also recharge Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) cells. Rechargeable cells are environmentally friendly as they are useable for hundreds of cycles. This charger can charge four AA cells, or two AAA cells at the same time. It operates from an input voltage of 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz and uses a maximum of 8 Watts when charging four AA cells. First come first serve.

Duracell CEF14N Battery Charger Fast High Efficiency for NiMH Ni-Cd AA AAA Cells [8 KB]


Duracell CEF14N Fast Charger
Charges Standard AA or AAA size cells
Charge voltage: 5.6 Volt - 4 x AA
Charge current: 360 mA - 4 x AA
Charge current: 160 ma - 2 x AAA
Size: 75 x 117 x 45 [mm]
Weight: 116 grams


Unused, tested - Price: $12 - One available
$S/H included within continental US
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