Turntable Kenwood KD-26RC Professional Belt Drive Record Player Aluminum Platter

This robust Kenwood Model KD-26RC Automatic Return Turntable with Low Mass Low Resonance Straight Tonearm and it's shipping container is in excellent condition. It is directly from the "Good Old Times". It is powered by a 120 Volt AC line that uses 4 Watts of electric power, and it plays 45 and 33 RPM records. It is outfitted with an included, magnetic cartridge marked T4P (looks like the original hi-class unit). With minimal care, this record player could operate for a very long time. It has a near twelve inch (actually 11.625 in, 295 mm) diameter platter, easy to operate controls and auto shut-off. Good quality surviving record players in any condition are getting rare. This solidly built stereo unit, provides for easy transferring of a valuable LP collection to CD or DVD, or other more up-to-date convenient formats and medias. Only one available.
Turntable Professional Belt Drive Record Player Aluminum Platter Kenwood KD-26RC [7 KB] Features:

Kenwood Model KD-26RC Stereo Record Player
Automatic Return Turntable - Quality made unit
Straight Tonearm T4P Phono cartridge
Low Mass Low Resonance
Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 4 W
Size: 16.5 W x 13 D x 3.75 H [inches]
Weight: 3.3 [Kg], [7.2] lbs


45 RPM spindle adapter included
Unused Price: $60 One available
S/H included within continental US
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