AM/FM Receiver Lafayette LR-75 25 Watts/Channel FM-Multiplex Stereo Solid-State

This is a quality, antique, collector's special, Lafayette LR-75 25 Watt AM FM-MPX Stereo Solid-State Receiver in good working condition. It is directly from the "Good Old Times" of 1971. This radio receiver is housed in an all metal simulated wood cabinet. The Installation, Operation Manual and a schematic diagram is also provided.

With that circuit diagram, future trouble shooting and tuning this radio is quite simple. This receiver was at its time a real good quality equipment. It uses Japanese made hermetic power transistors and solid aluminum control knobs, front bezel and other quality components. With minimal routine care, this stereo receiver amplifier could operate forever. The LR-75 has many easy to operate controls on its the front panel. A long illuminated scale helps tuning in the stations. This radio is powered by the 120 VAC 60 Hz power line. It has an attached foldable external ferrit antenna for AM reception. Since Lafayette Electronics chain has folded and disappeared long time ago, Lafayette receivers are rapidly becoming extinct. Own a piece of history on the cheap. It is a nice item to have, and only one is on hand.
Receiver 25 Watts/Channel AM/FM FM-Multiplex Stereo Solid-State Lafayette LR-75 [7 KB]


LR-75 AM-FM Stereo Receiver
Lafayette Electronics - Made in Japan
AM, FM and FM MPX Output: 25 W/Channel
Power: AC 120 V, 60 Hz
13-1/2 W x 5-3/4 H x 9 D [inch]
Installation, Operation manual included


Used, good vondition Price: $200 One available
S/H included within continental US
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