Resistors 0.25 Watt Metal Film Carbon Composition Assorted Values Types Packages

All OddMix 1/4 Watt film and composition resistors are good quality, working parts. Some new, some used, they are many different types with differing physical size, values, colors, tolerances. All OddMix resistors are guaranteed to work. These assorted value 1/4 Watt film and carbon composition resistors are available in packages of different configurations. See details below. First come first serve. E-mail with special requirements. Some resistance values have limited availability.
Resistors 1/4 Watt Metal Film Carbon Compound Composition Assorted Value [12 KB] Features:

1/4 Watt Film and Composition Resistors
Many different types and values
All guaranteed to work
New and used surplus


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Order Number  Pcs  Description Price
 RES025-20A 20  Our choice of values  $ 5
 RES025-50A 50  Our choice of values  $ 10
 RES025-15 15  Your choice of values  $ 5
 RES025-30 30  Your choice of values  $ 10
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