Relay Electric Comar 0-3905 Metal Glass Hermetic Package US Military

These new, unused surplus Comar Electric Relay 0-3905 in an all metal and glass hermetic package are difficult to obtain. They were made many years ago for the US Military for WWII. The relay has two sets of independent NO (Normally Open) contacts made with low resistance, low erosion, long life contact point material. They are exceptional for high reliability replacement parts for many different purpose in different equipments. Excellent for many other applications and home projects. Military parts are usually made to operate with 24-28 VDC. This relay has a coil resistance of 320 Ohms, pulls in at 13 Volts and has an approximate coil current of 50 mA at 20 VDC. First come first serve. Supply is very limited.
Relay Electric Comar 0-3905 Metal and Glass Hermetic Package US Military Surplus [8 KB]


0-3905 Relay Hermetically Sealed
MFG: Comar Electric Quality - Made in USA
Contacts: 2 sets of NO Normally Open
Six Solder terminals
All metal and glass hermetic package
Coil Resistance: 320 Ohms
Minimum Switching Voltage: 13 V
Drop-out Voltage: 7 V
Coil holding current: 50 mA @ 20 VDC
Three 4-40 mounting screws
Size: 40 x 35 x 62 [mm]
Weight: 120 Grams


New, unused Price: $20 4 available
S/H included within continental US
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