Amplifier Audio High Voltage DC Power Supply 6C4, 6CG7, 6CM4 Vacuum Tubes

This appears to be a tube type audio amplifier with a regulated DC power supply. Uses tubes 6C4, 6CG7 and 6CM7. It has no additional information or a schematic, but it is in good condition. Built with a heavy gage all aluminum chassis with three tube sockets, tubes, three transformers/chokes (one high voltage line transformer) a dual 40 microfarad 500 VDC electrolytic capacitor and a multitude of miscellaneous - difficult to find nowadays - additional components. It can easily be converted to a guitar amplifier or into an adjustable, kaboratory type, regulated power supply ot for many other uses. Since few companies produce high voltage transformers they are difficult to find and expensive that makes this a collector's choice instrument. Only one available.
High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply with 6C4, 6CG7, 6CM4 Vacuum Tubes top view [9 KB]
High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply with 6C4, 6CG7, 6CM4 Vacuum Tubes bottom view [11 KB]

Three tube circuit
High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply
Vacuum tube #1: 6C4 Power Triode
Vacuum tube #2: 6CG7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
Vacuum tube #3: 6CM7 Medium-Mu Dual Triode
Three transformers/chokes
High voltage transformer for anode voltages
High voltage dual electrolytic capacitor
Heavy Duty construction

Excellent item to make a tube type guitar amplifier
Easy to rewire it for an adjustable HV power supply
Price: $100 - Only one available
S/H included within continental US
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