DMM Heathkit IM-102 3 Nixie Tube Digital Multi Meter Main PC Printed Circuit Board

This genuine, rare find in unused condition, Heathkit IM-102 Digital Multimeter main PCB (Printed Circuit Board) uses digital IC (Integrated Circuits) and it is outfitted with a high visibility three digit Nixie tubes display. The DMM has two PC boards. The smaller AC PCB, and this large one. The board is professionally made in the US with heavy copper traces and printed silk sreened component designator. The instrument is exceedingly useful for serious circuit development and for other experimentation. With the schematics and parts list, both included in the available Assembly Manual and with this PC board, building, repairing or recondition these fine solid state instrument is easier. Made by the once well known Heathkit Company. Only two available.
Heathkit IM-102 DMM 3 Nixie Tube Digital Multi Meter Main PC Printed Circuit Board [15 KB]


Heathkit IM-102 DMM Main PC Board
MFG: Heathkit Company - Made in USA
Assembly Manual Available
Layout for a 3 1/2 Digit Multimeter
Thick Copper Traces, Silk Screening
Layout for 3 1/2 digit Nixie tubes display


New Price: $25 each Only two available
S/H included within continental US
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