Electronic Measurements Corp Model 213 215 Vacuum Tube Tester Reference Info

This easy to use Electronic Measurements Corporation Model [EMC] 213 vacuum tube tester is a useful addition to any serious electronic shops where vacuum tubes are utilized. It has a heavy gage aluminum front panel, seven vacuum tube sockets, a precise mechanical meter movement with special scales, many controls and switches. This tester allows fast testing of many types of vacuum tubes and come with a user manual with tube test data. Excellent for repair service work or for tube type electronic hobby projects. Page is for reference only - Item is no longer available! User Manual - with tube data is available.
Electronic Measurements Corporation Model 213 Precision Vacuum Tube Tester [12 KB]

MFG: Electronic Measurements Corporation [EMC]
Model 213 Vacuum Tube Tester Input: 117 VAC
Mechanical Meter movement with special scales
1 Calibrated potentiometer - 1 Neon indicator
7 vacuum tube sockets - 14 Slide switches
2 Rotary switches
User manual available
8 x 6 x 2 - 3 lbs - approximately
Made in USA - Heavy Duty Construction

No longer Available
Data For Reference Only
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