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The OddMix surplus electronic test equipments are mostly quality vintage Volt and Ampere meters, VOMs, probes, oscillators, signal generators and regulated and unregulated power supplies for sale. All of these listed items are good working units unless otherwise indicated. Many of these instruments are still world class and better then what is available today.

 Macromatic SS80522-04 Time Delay Variable 0.005-5 Sec Switch 10 Amps DPDT  Maxim SP-110 Multitester 2KOhm/VDC AC DC Voltage Current Resistance dB Mirror Scale
 HP 545A CMOS-TTL Logic Probe 80 MHz 3-18 Volt Troubleshooting Tool  AN/PSM3 AC Meter 15-750 VAC 50-1000 Cycles US Military
 Electronic DC Voltmeter MCM Model 372-M 1-200 MOhm Input Impedance Mirror Scale  HP 6940B Multiprogrammer GP-IO Interface Computer Data Acquisition Hewlett Packard
 Heathkit IM-1202 DMM Digital Multimeter Ohms Volt Amps AC DC  Heathkit IM-102 DMM Main PC Board 3 Nixie Tube
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Items listed are one of a kind, vintage, collector's choice items
First come first served, as supply is extremely limited
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