Shunt Current Measuring 500 Amps 50 milliVolt Weston Instruments Universal AC DC

This is a genuine, vintage, factory fresh Weston Instruments 500 Amps at 50 mV (milli-Volt) current shunt. Serial Number: 0025251. It is used to measure high current in many places and metrology labs all over the world. This Weston design is the workhorse of the industry. This shunt allows measuring high currents up to 500 Amps AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current) with a simple VOM, on location or in the field, easily and accurately. The connecting high current terminals are half inch bolts, the Voltmeter or other instrument is connected via slotted screw terminals. It is unused, like new in excellent working condition. This is a quality made almost all brass heavy duty instrument. Only one available.
Shunt Current Measuring 500 Amps 50 milliVolt Universal AC DC Weston Instruments [6 KB]

500 Amps 50 milliVolt Shunt
MFG: Weston Instruments Company
Voltage: 50 mV at 500 Amps
Standard Current Measuring Shunt
Terminals 500 A: Two 0.5 Inch Bolts
Terminals Meter: Two Machine Screws
Quality made metal and brass assembly
7.5 L x 1.75 W x 2.0 H [inches] - Weight: 796 [gram]
Made in USA

Unused, factory fresh, like new condition
Price: $50 - Only one available
S/H included within continental US
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