Motor DC Buhler WAB1 W22761-J10-W3 Servo PM Rotary Encoder Optocoupler Assembly

This is a precision, quality, PM [Permanent Magnet] DC motor with attached rotary encoder - optocoupler assembly, a DC power line filter and connector terminal. Motor is made by Bόhler Motor Co. in Germany. The two and a half millimeter diameter shaft is eighty millimeters long. Motor begins to rotate at around 2.5 Volt, while no load current is around 0.05 Amperes. This is an easily controllable motor that is made to be used in a servo system under computer control. With a small PM or stepping motor and a rubber band as a belt it would make a classy but simple precision, low distortion sine-wave generator, a simple generator with a small windmill or some other great science project. First come first serve only one available.
Buhler WAB1 W22761-J10-W3 Servo Motor PM DC Rotary Encoder Optocoupler Assembly [8 KB]


• PM DC Servo Motor Assembly
• MFR: Bόhler Motor • Made in Germany
• Siemens PCB with optocoupler attached
• Siemens PCB number: WAB1 W22761-J10-W3
• Motor begins to rotate: 2.5 VDC
• Motor current: 50 mA [miliAmperes] approx.
• Permanent magnets [PM] • Sleeve bearings
• Ten pin connector • Brass pulley
• Size: 31.5 Dia, 80 L [mm] with shaft
• Shaft size: 2.5 dia, 80 L [mm]
• Weight: 160 [grams] - assembly


• Used • Price: $30 • One available
• S/H included within continental US
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