Motor DC Copal LC-177 PM Tachometer Miniature Pulley Bronze Bearings Assembly

This Copal LC-177 motor is precision, high quality, miniature, Permanent Magnet [PM], made for DC with a pulley and bronze bearings. The motor begins to rotate at around 3 Volts while it's no load current is around 75-100 milliamperes. It runs super quiet with very low power. Because it is a tachometer type motor, it has four wire terminals. Resistance of the windings are in the kilo-ohm range. The tachometer winding provides RPM information to allow very precise rotational control and it would make a classy but simple precision, low distortion sine-wave generator. It makes a simple generator with a small windmill or some other great science project. First come first serve. Only one available
Copal LC-177 Motor DC PM Tachometer Miniature Pulley Bronze Bearings Assembly [10 KB]


DC Motor - PM Shielded
MFR: Copal Motor Tokyo - LC-177
Motor voltage to start rotation: 3 VDC
Motor current: 75-100 mAmp - approx. no load
Bronze sleeve bearings Aluminum Pulley
Tachometer winding Four wire terminals
High Quality - Made in Japan
Size: 38 Dia, 38 L (with pulley) [mm]
Shaft Size: 3 mm Dia, 5 L [mm]
Weight: 96 Grams with leads


Used Price: $50 One available
S/H included within continental US
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