Motor DC Digital Corp Voice Coil Linear PM Ball Bearings Absolute Encoder

This is a super strong, voice coil actuated, linear DC motor with an integral optical absolute encoder, limit switch and ball bearings. The assembly originally made for large Digital Corp. Winchester hard drives. It moved the magnetic heads in a few milliseconds, thus the heavy current magnetic coil. The coil travels in a solid, cast aluminum frame and the whole heavy assembly mounts with three 1/4-20 screws. The voice coil motor has a stroke of 60+ mm, around 2 and a half inches. The voice coil diameter is approximately 60 mm [approx. 2.5 in]. It has one of the largest, powerful permanent magnet we have ever seen. It makes a fast actuator or useable for some science project. First come first serve. Only one available.
Digital Corp Special Linear PM DC Motor Ball Bearings Voice Coil Absolute Encoder [8 KB]


Motor DC Linear
MFR: Digital Corporation
Optical Absolute Encoder - attached
Stroke: 60 plus [mm], [2.5 in]
Motor coil resistance: 14 Ohms
Coil Diameter: 60 [mm], [2.5 in] - approx.
Ball bearings Molex Connector terminals
Motor mount: 3 - 1/4-20 screws
Size: 150 Dia, 275 L [mm]
Weight: 20-25 lbs. approximately


Used Price: $200 One available
S/H included within continental US
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