Motor DC Johnson 65661 PM Permanent Magnet Sleeve Bearings Belt Gear Precision

This is a PM [Permanent Magnet], high torque low Voltage DC motor that appears to be a Johnson motor made in China. The 3 millimeter diameter shaft has an attached gear to drive cogged belts. Shaft is 9 mm long. Useful as a replacement motor or in a special project. Motor begins to rotate at 1.5 Volt while it's no-load current is around 0.05 Amperes. Additional numbers on motor: 392251. This motor is capable to drive many different loads smoothly and with a small PM or stepping motor and a rubber band as a belt it would make a classy but simple precision, low distortion sine-wave generator, a simple electric generator with a small windmill or some other great science project. First come first serve only one available.
Johnson 65661 PM Permanent Magnet Precision DC Motor with Belt Gear [7 KB]


PM Permanent Magnet DC Motor
MFR: Johnson Type: 65661
Sleeve bearings Solder terminals
Belt Gear attached Permanent magnets
Motor begins to rotate: 1.5 VDC
Motor no-load current: around 50 mAmp
Motor resistance: 10-15 Ohms - approx.
Size: 37 Dia, 77 L [mm] (with shaft)
Shaft size: 3 mm dia 9 L [mm]
Pulley Size: 8 mm dia, 7 Wide [mm]
Weight: 212 Grams


Unused Price: $30 One available
S/H included within continental US
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